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A00-221  :  SAS Big Data Programming and Loading

A00-221  :  SAS Big Data Programming and Loading
Vendor: SAS Institute
Associated Certification: SAS Advanced Analytics
SAS Data Management
Exam Code: A00-221
Exam Name : SAS Big Data Programming and Loading
Last Updated: 2023-11-18
₹ 2,999

Questions & Answers: 75
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For you with the aim to become a future professionalist in the SAS Institute industry you may be thinking how to get qualified and acquire the SAS Institute : SAS Data Management certification. Valid Dumps SAS Institute experts has prepared A00-221 certification exam questions and answers with the reliable and latest pattern that will eactly match with the actual exam and surely helps you to pass the exam. Our A00-221 exam dumps enhance your professional knowledge in SAS Institute as well as help you to easily obtain SAS Institute : SAS Data Management Certified Expert. We 100% assure the professionalism of our A00-221 dumps. Try it and wish you good luck!

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It is advisible for the candidates to have the authentic and latest A00-221 exam questions and answers to when you dream to enter into the SAS Data Management career path, other A00-221 pdf dumps also available in the market but you must identify whether those study guides were prepared by SAS Institute experts or not, you will definitely enjoy a boost up in your professional career path as our Valid Dumps makes you easy thing to materialize your dreams. A00-221 exam dumps can be a milestone for a quickway for your success as our helping hand is always at your doorstep now.

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Below are 5 Demo sample Q&A that matches with real A00-276 exam, once payment is done full .PDF will be uploadedQuestion No. 1 Which Proc Sql statement returns the contents of the cars Hive Table to SAS? A) Select * from connection to hadoop (select * from cars) B) Select * from  (select * from cars) using hadoop C) execute (select * from cars) by hadoop D) Select * from  (select * from cars) by hadoop Answer: A   Question No. 2 Refer to the following SAS Program.
  • Proc SQL;
  • connect to hadoop (server=myserver user=myuser);
  • execute (create table test_table (mycolumn string)) by hadoop;
  • execute (insert into test_table values ('1')) by hadoop;
  • Quit;

Libname myhdp Hadoop server=myserver user=myuser;

  • data work.test_table;
  • set myhdp.test_table;
  • Run;
Which statement best describes the mycolumn variable in the SAS dataset work.test_table? A)The SAS variable mycolumn will contain no data because INSERT statements cannot be used with Hive Tables. B) SAS will recognize that the columns contain a number and assign numeric type to the mycolumn variable. C) SASFMT table properties will be generated for the column and it will have a length of 1 character in the SAS dataset. D) the SAS variable mycolun will have a length of 32,767. Answer: A   Question No. 3 A SAS Programmer is working with data stored in Hadoop. Complete the options statement below so that the log will display the HiveQL code generated by SAS/Access. OPTIONS _________ = ',,,d' _____________ = saslog nostsuffix; Enter your answers in the spaces above. Case is ignored and standard SAS syntax rules apply. Answer:  SASTRACE    SASTRACELOC   Question No. 4 Which Data step statement will SAS translate into HiveQL equivalent that Hive can execute? A) select B) Merge C) If D) Where Answer: D   Question No. 5 Consider the following code: Filename haddata Hadoop "/user/mydir/data.csv"; Data work.commonwords; Infile Haddata dlm=","; Input x $ y; Run; How will the processing Occur? A) The Data step is translated into a HiveQL query that is processed in parallel by Hadoop. The results are then returned to the SAS Session. B) The data is read in parallel from HDFS, delivered to the SAS session, and processed sequentially by the SAS data step. C) The data is read in parallel from HDFS, delivered to the SAS session, and processed in parallel by the SAS Data Step. D) The Data step is translated into a Mapreduce  process that is executed in parallel by Hadoop. The results are then returned to the SAS Session. Answer: B

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